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The Alaska Miata Club website is owned by the AKMC.


I dedicate this page to all the people who helped with the AKMC from beginning to present.  Thank you all again for making this possible. First and foremost to Makoto Nakamura and the KRC for the inspiration. Mr. Hirai for helping create the NA and signing a few members Miatas. Mike Mann, To Road & Track Magazine, Mazda North America, Brett Berk, and Carl Mishler for the wonderful spread with the Super20. Special thanks to Marilyn, Howard, Steve, Rosemary, Kazue, and Chris for donations which are always used for the members of the AKMC. 


1. Where can I get a Miata?

New? Continental Mazda. Some rule about buying new at the state you live in. Continental Mazda is the only Mazda dealer in town. I know there is another Mazda dealer in Fairbanks. They may also have used Miatas that were traded in for new. Used? Craig's List, Alaska's List, etc. Ask Mike for any member specials or special info regarding members who are thinking about selling. If money isn't an object you can shop in the Lower48 via Ebay, Auto Trader, Bring a Trailer, etc. and have your Miata shipped up. Or you could fly down and drive it back up like Kevin does. lol.

2. Where do I get my Miata serviced?

You have to figure this out yourself. If it is new definitely keep it with Continental as it has a warranty. I am currently going to Arctic Imports on International. Most of our members love P3 Import Autowerks in Anchorage/Wasilla. The bad boy list is Underground and Element but these are speed shops other than a repair shop. They might treat you better than our other members who didn't have such a great experience. If you are broke try Alpina. There is an old man there that will treat you right.

3. What are the best rims or wheels for the Miata?

In my opinion, the 6ULs from 949 racing are the best rims for the PRICE. They are specifically made for Miatas, are light, strong, and have odd sizes for huge rubber. In my opinion, the best rims for JDM looks and performance barring price is the Volk TE 37s. Usually, cost more than your used Miata. Wheels such as BBSs, SSRs, Work, and many others are out there. One of the best upgrades for performance and to make your Miata stand out from the rest. As an example, 3 current members are sporting 6ULs, no one has Volks.

4. Where do I go to get my Miata painted?

Currently 2 professional painters in the club. Kevin Hamilton is a paint professional. He will give you a quote for what your Miata needs or wants BUT he has done jobs over 10K. He does classics and does it well. The other option is Michael Anders who is a body man and is just starting out. Look for both of them in the AKMC Facebook group page.

5. How do I replace my plastic back window?

Eventually, the plastic back window or the zipper will fail to work. If money isn't an object. Just replace the entire top with the nice fabric, glass window, one piece, for about $400. Having a shop install this will cost you over a grand but it will be done with and raise the value of your Miata. If you are on a budget, the quickest cheapest way is to find a wrecked Miata with a good soft top and transfer the whole assembly over. NA and NB are compatible. NC and ND are a different story. If just the back window is bad you can do a DIY fix with plastic vinyl and glue it on the existing back window portion.

Bylaws (still pending and being edited)


Name and Purpose:

The name of the club shall be The Alaska Miata Club (AKMC). The logo is AKMC in stencil/military font

The purpose of this club is for Mazda Miata owners and enthusiasts to enjoy the Miata together at official club events. This club will promote activities and events, which give the opportunity to promote public awareness, stimulate pride in ownership, and encourage the communication, education, and camaraderie between fellow enthusiasts.

The club shall be NOT FOR PROFIT and accept donations for operating expenses and other club activities. This club reserves the right to have and acquire sponsors for support of its events and activities.

Committee and volunteer duties are on a VOLUNTARY basis and are not monetarily compensated by the club.

The bylaws will be periodically reviewed and updated by club officers and will be available to the entire club membership at any time.



There are no membership dues.

To be a member one must like Mazda Miatas, have a telephone contact number, email, and name on file. If a member does not participate over a 3 year period and they live in Anchorage they may be removed from membership.

The officers of the club will deal with any member whose behavior has become disruptive and membership may be terminated (see Article III - Club Rules).


Club Rules:

1. Members will conduct themselves in a reasonable and orderly manner at any meeting, activity, or event representing the club or conducting club business.

2. Members will comply with all Motor Vehicle laws and/or ordinances when participating in or attending any club activity, event, or gathering. In cases of private property where motor vehicle laws do not apply, members shall operate their vehicles in a controlled and acceptable manner as warranted by crowd and conditions or dictated by persons having responsibility for property.

3. All monies received by the Club for Club Participation will go back to a member at that event or be used to facilitate that said event. Exceptions may be made to donate said winnings to worthy causes at the event, providing a majority of members attending said event approve the donation.

4. Members will respect and encourage other club members, their families, vehicles and all participants at club activities to include non-members.

Violation of the above rules may result in a verbal or written warning, or termination of membership. Once membership has been revoked, that person will not be eligible to ever rejoin the Alaska Miata Club. The level of punishment is to be determined by the current club officers with consideration being given to severity of infraction and number of prior offenses. Punishment may be appealed in writing by member within ten (10) calendar days of notice of termination. Appeals will be reviewed and considered by all club officers. Decision of appeal, if exercised, is final.



There are no mandatory meetings.


Power Vested in the Club:

The control of the club shall be vested in its members.

Making a Motion: Any eligible member may make a motion, and then must be seconded by another member before it can be presented for a vote. A majority vote of eligible members attending the meeting will be necessary for a motion to pass.



If you want to help your club you can volunteer. Please contact Michael Fernandez for volunteer positions which are described in Article VII - Duties.

There will be no elections. Volunteer positions are held until that person doesn't want to do it anymore.


Committees will be formed throughout the year to run various club activities. These committees usually include, but are not limited to volunteer club members who have an interest in or knowledge of the activity for which that committee formed.

Committee members will meet as needed to discuss activity or event issues. As with the officers, a majority vote of the committed shall stand in settling disputes, rescheduling of events, activities during the events, and rules for the events that do not override the Club Membership Rules stated herein. That final decision shall then be presented to the club officers for authorization.

Financial decisions shall not be enacted until voted upon and passed by club officers.

In the event of the loss of a committee member who cannot fulfill their duties, committee members will ask for a volunteer to fill that position.



The duties of the Anchorage Representative shall be to:

1. Oversee and administrate the activities of the club.

2. Oversee the duties of the other officers.

3. Be responsible for all awards, trophies, and presentations as voted on by all club officers.

4. Preside over all club functions and maintain order.

The duties of the admins shall be to:

1. Assist the Anchorage Representative as needed.

2. Preside over meetings and other events should the Anch Rep be unavailable.

3. Help maintain order at all club functions.

The duties of the Secretary shall be to:

1. Help maintain order at all club functions.

2. Take care of club correspondence.

3. Help schedule club events.

4. Maintain the club by-laws.

5. Take notes at the monthly meeting for assistance in generating the monthly newsletter.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

1. Maintain club financial records.

2. Help maintain order at club functions.

3. Tally all monies collected at meetings, shows, raffles, such as dues, entry fees, etc. and make bank deposits as necessary.

4. Provide a financial statement to the club membership as requested and notify other officers of any trends that may be cause for concern to the club.

The duties of the Newsletter Editor shall be to:

1. Generate the monthly newsletter with assistance from club officers, and distribute to members on a timely basis.

2. Help maintain order at all club functions.

3. Assist the Secretary with club correspondence or other duties if needed.

4. Keep membership records up to date and provide them to other officers upon request.

The duties of the Cruise Director shall be to:

1. Schedule periodic club events (parades, cars show, cruises, etc.) and provide information to the Newsletter Editor in a timely manner for inclusion in the newsletter.

2. Assist the Anchorage Representative or admins as needed.

3. Help maintain order at all club functions.


Club Property:

All club equipment, papers, pictures, records, etc. shall remain the property of The Alaska Miata Club, and be inventoried annually.

All club membership records shall be held confidential and accessible only to the club representatives. Requests for said information must be made directly to a club officer and will not be released without approval of the members involved.


Personal Liability:

All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the club or officers shall look only to the funds and property of the club for payment, for any such contract or claim for payment of any debt, damage, judgment or any other money that otherwise becomes due or payable to them from the club, so that neither the members of the club, nor its officers (past, present or future) shall be liable personally thereof.


The club shall not be held liable for any loss or damage due to fire, theft, weather, vandalism, or accidents at any function that the club attends or hosts.

These by-laws have been adopted by the appointed Representatives and voted on by the membership of the Alaska Miata Club.