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The Alaska Miata Club website is owned by the AKMC.

25th Anniversary of the Miata Season

Our beloved Miata is 25 years old. The actual date everyone is using is Feb 9th, 1989. We will celebrate by having our normal events and a special 25th Anniversary Party called MIATAFEST. Sunday, July 13th at 11 am at Abbott Loop Park. It will also be our yearly Potluck Picnic. There will be a professional DJ, Miata cakes, and a whole lotta Miata. Please check the Facebook group Alaska Miata Club under events or call 907-538-4365 for more information.

AKMC in Road & Track March/April Issue.

In 2013 Road & Track Magazine asked to do an article on the AKMC. Of course, we said yes. Brett Berk, was the writer and Clark Mishler, was the local photographer they hired to do the photos. I planned on having them join us for our standard run to both Eklutna Lake and Hatcher Pass. It would be best to run our most favorite events and let the Super20, Road & Track, and the photographer make the day special. Well, with the weather reaching 60+ everything turned out great, even the turnout of members of 13 Miatas and 5 OTMs showed. Read the 6 page article in 2014 Road & Track March/April issue. I am picking up a few copies myself.

ND sneak peak

These are two Japanese magazines showing the same thing in different colors. What do you think? It looks KODO with a bit of NB and rear fender flares like the NC. The nose is longer like the Z3 too. So, will you buy it since it is lighter and has a 1.5 l SkyActive engine? I personally have a tough time deciding between fixing JENNY, buying the Mazdaspeed6 for winter or picking the ND up. I do hope to see new members with the ND or old members buying the ND. Either way the Alaska Miata Club will be here to expand your Roadster experience.

2011 Special Editions

The new limited Black Edition is named after the MX-5 built to race in the UK. The only thing black about it is the PRHT. You also get 17" gun metal rims. Only 500 available and not for the US.

Then there is the Karai which means "sharp" which must be referring to this odd green color. It reminds me of a frog color. Also, limited edition of 165. Let's see, also not available to the US market.

This limited run of 750 was to commemorate the 900,000 sold. And it is available in the US. You get the special black paint and a bunch of extras for free.


Annual picnic with the three Amigos and a Mini

Hot dogs and chips. Mike, Randy, and Chris and Nate showed up with a rare meeting of all generations. JUNIOR, CONNIE, and CHIEF were joined by BOSTON. It started to rain about 2 pm so we called it a day. It was nice to drive a Miata again since JENNY is broke. Randy and Chris got all the good Mazda swag. I hope to see you guys before the season ends.

Thaw Out Run Successful!

Well, it was a sunny day and it brought out plenty of members, new and old. I want to welcome Rosemary and Bernice, Kevin and Jobe, and Laurie. Other members include Randy, Steve, and Mike. We took pictures and talked Miatas and the surprise was no 1st gens as JENNY needed an alternator. Instead we were very happy with 2 second gens and 2 third gens. It was CHIEF, GYPSY, THE LE, and ?.

April Fool's at Barnes & Nobles.

Three people showed up to the Miata Fool's Meet. Too bad we were all in the same car. I brought the "GTX" to an open and empty parking lot. LOL! The joke was on us. No biggie, it was still cold. We went to dinner and called it good. We hope to see you all this season.

900,000th Miata, but who's counting?

Mazda has petitioned the new record with Guiness as they completed the 900,000th Mazda Miata.

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