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Miatas and Girls

Over the years the Miata has slowly been getting photographs with sexy women. Still not as great as the Ferraris and other exotics. Every year Playboy gives their Playmate of the year a free car. This year they gave her a Fiata. So, I thought I would share some of the pics.

Meet Roscoe of AKMC Fairbanks

I would like you to meet Roscoe B. of AKMC Fairbanks. He visited Anchorage for the Democratic Convention and had some time to hang out. I take time to meet with our members who travel to Anchorage to catch up and get to know them better. We went out and drove a few Mazdas. He checked out Potter's Marsh in YUKARI and the New Seward Highway in the FD. Roscoe, 22, has been an AKMC member since he was 15 and saved up to buy his own 1996 Miata, TENOR1. It is still running strong even if needing some TLC items. Being a college student going for a music degree is tough on extra money for Miata projects. Check out an older article about Roscoe.

The Youngest AKMC Member with Miata

New Rider and Horse: Roscoe and '96 NA Green

Just when the season ends Fairbanks Representative Jeff finds not one, but two new members to the Alaska Miata Club. Say hello and please welcome both Oscar and Roscoe, a father and son team to the Fairbanks Chapter. It is Roscoe's Miata at the young age of 15 but both will be expanding their Roadster experience together. It all started from the test drive of Jeff's White '91. Or should I say, it ended with that test drive. It was just time to buy one for himself. Oscar had an Austin Healy and played with the SCCA in the Lower 48. Now, Roscoe can do the same and create new memories. The goal for his Miata is to get it into shape as a daily driver for Fairbanks weather. This will be a tough task but Jeff knows how to do this as OZINGA has already been through it. Except for the LSD which might also go in for extra safe measure. The quest for the hardtop will be handled by Mike, Oscar, and Craigslist very soon. Roscoe, congratulations on your new ride and we the AKMC hope that getting an early start as a Miata owner will give you a head start to enjoying it more with other Miata people all over the world. Peace!

AKMC Generation Pictures

While we were at Rochelle's Ice Cream Shoppe we decided to take a generation picture. Used Kelby's BLUE DART since he was leaving, CONNIE because she was the only NB there along with Aaron's NC CLUB, and used TINE because of that beautiful Soul Red. It is a good picture with the earlier models now heavily modified with the more recent still in "stock" forms.

GROCKLE, RADIKA, KAZOOM, and JENNY at the Annual Potluck Picnic 2007

SARAH, SCRUFFY, M&M, JENNY, and KOOPA from the 2003 Charter Meeting

Farewell Kelby

Kelby Martin is an important member of the Alaska Miata Club. He is the owner of the BLUE DART and represents the new core group of the AKMC. Not only with an aggressive blown Miata but with a great attendance record to events so long as work allowed it. But due to a new job he will soon be moving to Utah to further his career. There, he will get a chance to track the BLUE DART and continue his car dreams. This is all happening fast, like in 2 weeks. Kelby, you will be missed and I know the AKMC will miss the BLUE DART, shark teeth and all. Kelby's last event is Sunday, May 8th, 11 am at Barnes & Noble. Won't you join us on his last run to Eklutna for some ice cream, to wish him good luck, and say farewell to a fellow member. He is shipping the BMW X5 first, then the Miata. I hope you enjoyed your time with the AKMC and that it expanded your Roadster experience. Keep in touch and tell us about the big Miata Clubs and all those circuit tracks in the Lower 48. Jaa ne.

The Millionth Miata

One Million Miatas. Say it with your pinky up against your cheek. ONE MILLION MIATAS. That is a whole lotta Miata! Just another milestone for the little convertible that could. I am sure Guinness has to update the record again. Apparently, the Miata has had over 200 awards since April 1989. The Millionth Miata is a 1.5 liter Sport model from the picture which will not be sold. Instead, it will tour Japan for the summer at Miata events. Update: The Millionth Miata will also tour the US.

Aug 18-21 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion
Aug 25-Sept 1 Northeast
Sept 2-9 Midwest
Sept 10-17 Southeast
Sept 18-25 Gulf
Sept 26-30 West
Oct 1-2 Miatas at MRLS

Out of Hibernation!

If you are shopping for a used Miata go to www.anchorage.craigslist.org and search for Miata and see 3 good examples of them. First, is the 10 AE or 10th Anniversary Edition for 10K. It is the only one in Alaska. Kept in the garage with a clean title and under 50K miles. Check blue book to see if the 10K value matches. This Miata has been on sale off and on over the years and the owner does not drive it much at all. Must have too many toys. Whoops, as I was writing this article the owner removed the posting. Wow! Was it sold or did he have cold feet?

The second example would be the MSM for $1000 more than the one above. This is a 31k mile, turbocharged example of the NB. It is tough to choose between the two unless horse power is what you are deciding. The MSM or Mazdaspeed Miata has 178 hp on tap. Both have 6 speed manual transmission, good soft top. Sure there are a few MSMs rolling around town but they are still nice limited editions.

Lastly, but not least is LUCY. A 1.8 5 speed NA model with Kosei wheels and great paint with new soft top back window for a mere 3K. Sure, it is 21 years old with 162,000 miles and a rough upbringing. The hot weather is here and soon more Miatas will be on sale. Take a test drive and talk 'em down. Join your local Alaska Miata Club and it will be worth playing with others with similar toys. Would I trade my ND for all 3? You bet your ass I would! But like the 10AE, they sell out fast. Update: This sold at the end of day article was written.

A Letter from Dani Heyne

Hi Michael,

My name is Dani, I'm a German Car-Journalist working for the oldest and biggest car mag in Europe called auto motor und sport (www.auto-motor-sport.de). Since I have noticed the Alaska Miata Club I'm in love with the idea of having a driving adventure to Alaska with a Miata myself. This summer it will happen - I will get a testcar from Mazda in Whitehorse to drive to Alaska and write a story about it. Therefore I would like to ask you if you are interested being a part in my story. It would be awesome if some of you guys could come together (for sure with your Miatas) for a little photoshooting and a short nice drive up there? What do you think?

My schedule: I'm in Alaska around July 10th.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Are You Ready for Civil War?

This year is full of great movies, even better than 2015. Watch Marvels version of good guys fighting good guys. Early tracking says it will be better than Batman v Superman. The reason for the conflict is more believable, someone might actually die, and you get to see Spiderman's cameo debut. As usual, the first 9 AKMC members who RSVP that they are going will get free tickets. But even if you aren't the first 9 why don't you watch it with your club anyway. Saturday, May 7th 730 pm showing will be 3DXD at Century 16 Theaters on 36th Ave. Get there early like, 630 pm to help with ticket, food, and seat lines. You know the drill. Wear a Miata shirt, bring your coin, and we will see you then.

Facebook Emoji Miata Style

I couldn't resist. I might make it into a tee shirt. Enjoy!

First Global MX-5 Cup Race Starts Soon.

Get ready. April 29th at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca will be race #1 of the Global MX-5 Cup. 40 2016 Global MX-5 Cup cars rubbing. Why? Cause rubbings racing. The race will be at 3 pm but not televised until May 8th at 8 am. I am trying to figure out how to watch it by streaming so I don't have to wait a week to see all that Miata action. Top performers all over the world will be invited to race here in America near the end of the season.

On related news, the ND will be classed CS, STR, and CSP in SCCA auto crossing. Update: You can watch race #1 and #2 on Ustream TV under Mazda Live. Here is the schedule for the season.

Round 1-2 April 28 - May 1 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca IMSA
Round 3-4 May 13-15 Watkins Glen International Raceway Trans Am
Round 5-6 June 17-19 Road America SCCA
Round 7-8 July 8-10 Canadian Tire Motorsport Park IMSA
Round 9-10 August 26-28 VIRginia International Raceway IMSA
Round 11-12 Sept 28-30 Road Atlanta IMSA

My Cousin, #26

I have relatives in the Philippines and I often get to see pictures and read about their lives. This one caught my attention, not because my cousin is pretty enough to participate in beauty contests but what she is riding in. So, I had to share because it is MIATA related. I am not sure if she won or what she placed but she is a winner to me. Good luck Jennifer. The last cousin that participated in these contests ended up marrying an American millionaire. Yes, it was Jennifer's older sister, Louvette. Crazy! Yes, there is a Miata club in the Philippines. You can check out their website at www.miataclubphilippines.com. Update: Congratulations Jennifer Hammond for Ms. Philippines Intercontinental, one of 6 crowned winners.

ND Toys

It looked like Hot Wheels was coming out with the ND but after reading some more it is Matchbox. Both are owned by Mattel but Hot Wheels usually got the speed and muscle cars while Matchbox got the utility and construction vehicles. I hope they both make a versions so I can buy them all.

This leads us to ND toys. Tomica or Tomy has a red and black ND already. Tamiya also has their 1/10th scale RC car. It is front wheel drive but looks great. ChoroQ or Penny Racers also has their version out. So, what do you think? Do you like all these toys of the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata?

Miata Fool's Meet 2016

Thank you to all who showed up for the Miata Fool's Meet. It was nice seeing everyone after a long winter. Hail to the Vaughan and Wockenfuss families. Farewell to Rodolfo who will be going back to Las Vegas. From left to right we have Davin's NB, Cynder's TINE, Marilyin's KAZOOM, Mike's YUKARI, Melissa's NA, Nate's Mini, Len's Benzo, and Jeff's NB BRG.

2nd Club in the Club

Please say hello to our newest member, Aaron H. He posted on the Facebook page with a picture of his new pride and joy, a 2013 NC Club Edition. What a beauty. We welcome Aaron and hope to meet him and his ride this season. Because you know this season will be epic. Not to mention we can get the AKMC generation picture which has been eluding us for almost a year.

Joining the AKMC is easy. You don't need a Miata to join, you just have to be a fan. We need your name, email address, and a contact phone number. The rest is participation to an official event so we can meet you in person and you can get your challenge coin. Peace!

Wait For It......

The 2016 Mazda Miata is the World Car of the Year. It beat out the Audi S4 and the Mercedes GLC Class. I hope someone compiles all the ND articles in one magazine or book. Reading all the accolades is what prompted me to buy the ND as my first and last new car. If I was REALLY smart I would have bought the CX-3 instead so I would have a reliable winter vehicle. The CX-3, came in second in the World Car Design of the Year beating the Jaguar XE. What came in first? Like you needed to ask. Miata Is Always The Answer. So, all you Miata fans, lovers, and owners be proud and have fun enjoying one of the best things life has to offer. Oh, and don't forget to enjoy it with others. That is the true secret of happiness. 'nuff said. Peace.

2017 Mazda MX-5 RF

The 2017 Mazda Miata Retractable Fastback (RF) will be available next year, orders will be taken this summer. The Power Retractable Hard Top (PRHT) was an option on the NC since 2006 which gave the benefits of security, a more quiet ride, and a great sleek coupe look without taking up trunk space. And only for 12 seconds of your time and about 70-100 extra pounds. The surprise here was the "Targa" look. Yes, Kevin originally from Triumph stolen by Porsche who made it popular with their 911s. Tell us what you think about it. I know some of our members love to be different to the point of buying the FIATA or getting something like the Miata RF.

AKMC Movie Night: Batman v Superman

The next AKMC official event is a movie night. Batman v Superman, 7 pm 3D/XD showing at Century Theaters on Saturday, March 26, 2016. As usual, it will be free for the first 9 members who RSVP on the Facebook Group Event Page of the same name. Even if you don't win a free ticket please join your club members as we watch the first of the blockbuster tent pole films of the summer together. Arrive early, like 6 pm to help save seats and lines. There are no Miatas in the film but there is a Batmobile. See you there and don't forget your coin!

My First Miata Meme

This is a year old but I finally got it via Facebook and Jalopnik. I personally don't care if hot girls dance on my seats but that is just me. Of course, it is wrong to just hop in a random top down Miata with your high heels, ruin seats, post it on media with a smug attitude, and calling a cute Miata HIDEOUS? That doesn't make any sense. I mean, an NA Miata isn't an Aztek or a bug eyed Subie. It has curvaceous, timeless lines, and a happy demeanor. It is girly and cute, but HIDEOUS?

Ali Green is a model and is now famous for getting flamed by the Miata community. I am not so sure she deserves that but I did find it amusing and used it for my first meme not using a stock picture. I did however reuse the caption phrase from another meme. I hope you enjoy it. Update: Ali and her friend apologized after getting free rides in Spec Miatas with pro drivers. What a punishment? I guess good looking chics always get away with things. lol.


As an AKMC member you have a network of wonderful people. We insist you to get to know them and create a new circle of friends. It is normal to ask for members to join you on an unscheduled trip on beautiful sunny day. This is now known as the NO NOTICE meet. Since 2015, the AKMCs new core group of enthusiasts and better weather have generated more numbers than past scheduled events with a simple Facebook post and text.

This prompted a NO NOTICE telephone roster which members must be asked to be put on/off, contact Mike. It is not an official AKMC function so coin challenges are optional. I too, am on the list and try to go to as many NO NOTICE meets I can but will never generate one. To date, the largest no notice meet pulled in 7 Miatas and 5 OTMs and it was a great time! So, why isn't the NO NOTICE meet called SHORT NOTICE meet? Just ask the members who missed out because they didn't hear about it. LOL.

Epic No Notice Meet in February?

Winter has been weird in a no snow kind of way again this year. Several members have been enjoying their Miatas with the usual studded or stud less winter tires. Which got AKMC member Kelby, owner of the BLUE DART, an idea to call for a notice run via Alaska Miata Club Facebook Group Page. Next thing you know you got the largest no notice meet in club history. We first met at Barnes & Nobles where we couldn't even fit the whole group where we normally parked. The second thing we noticed is that the caravan was too big to keep together headed to Tikatnu. At Red Robins we did find enough room for all the Miatas and stacked the OTMs. We counted 2 NAs, 4 NBs, 1 ND, 5 OTMs to include 2 RX-7s.

Thank you to all who showed up. It was a great night and gives us a preview of the new hardcore crew taking over. All present were Mike and Wyatt in the ND, Justin and Lindsea in BIG WANG, Kelby and brother Justin in the BLUE DART, Mr. and Mrs. Colbry in RUBY, Chris B in CONNIE, John B in ESMERALDA, Davin and Sayrah in their NB, John F and Nate S in a Subrau Outback, Troy in a FB, Chris K in a FC, Nate M in his Mini Countryman, a Saab, and one other vehicle. Sorry to those who missed the post as we now have a No Notice Call List for members to sign up.

Meet YUKARI, 1st Club in the Club.

It was a normal Thursday until Cynder posted that a new Arctic White Club ND arrived to Continental Mazda. Suddenly, the day was a bit more exciting. After work, there would be some place to go. Then Edmel texted me and wanted to know if I was ready to do this. Yeah, I guess. I never bought a new car before. Cynder PMed again and said that if I wanted to I could drive the car home today! Okay, no better time than the present. I mean, the roads are clear and I would eventually have to experience buying this thing.

Ever since I saw the ND at the 2015 Dallas Auto Show I knew she would be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine someday.

So, I quickly looked at it. It only had 6 miles and had some mud on the side with the protective paper still on parts of the car. I sat in it and got a lesson on how to start her. Edmel, Cynder, and my brother John were there. Things were going smooth as I ate my Taco Bell dinner at the showroom table.

I decided to rename the ND YUKARI again from my 1991 Eunos Roadster in Japan. She was also white, but with blue rims and a body kit.

Yukari Meada is a sweet Japanese lady and a valued member of the Kanazawa Roadster Club (KRC). She was one of my hosts while visiting Kanazawa for the first time. She gave me a ride in her Black and Tan NA Roadster to visit a Japanese Historic Automobile Museum. She made lunch which we ate out of a bento box. We tried to communicate with sign language, her Japanese to English dictionary, and my English to Japanese dictionary. She made me three Origami of cranes and I made her a flower out of cigarette foil. I named my Roadster after her kindness and hospitality. Domo arigato gozaimasu, Yukarichan.


Meet Randy, aka PHATMIATA, or MadMX5. To say that he is a Miata enthusiast is an understatement. You see, Randy is a Miataholic of the JDM and is kind of a big deal when it comes to Eunos Roadsters in the Southeast of the United States. He is a founding member of the East-Side Miata Club of Tamba Bay Florida. He oversees MazdaRoadster.net, the Miata Club of America on Facebook, and sets up the MIATAPALOOZA event in Florida.

MIATAPALOOZA 2017 will be so big that he is planning a year ahead. MIATAPALOOZA in the past was held in Lakeland, Florida where there was a huge parking lot by Hooters and a strip mall. A simple meet with vendors and tons of fans reached 500 plus Miatas by the second year. It made Hooniverse and Jalopnik and probably the local news.

I am mentioning this because I plan on visiting Randy and his family on April 8, 2017. I will drive over 5,000 plus miles to work at MIATAPALOOZA 2017. This time a $5 charge for parking by a football stadium with a target audience of 800 plus Miatas will be insane. Sure, turbocharged/supercharged Miatas, v8 Miatas, rotary miatas, K swapped Miatas, you name it you will probably see it there. Fathers of the Miata will probably be guests of honor and slammed, stanced, raced prepped, neck breaking, show stopping Miatas new and old will be there.

AKMC Invited to the Spring Show-N-Shine.

Looking for members interested in going to a Show and Shine in Palmer. We were personally invited by the President of the 49th Street Rodders Association, JohnTroutner. The letter invites our club to participate in their indoor 3 day event Show and Shine. I haven't heard anyone wanting to leave their Miata for 3 days so we will be going Sunday, May 1st as a "day tripper" group parked together at the front of the building. We will be free to come and go as we please. We will be meeting at Barnes & Nobles at 8 am to caravan to Palmer. I prefer to simply represent and enjoy the food, the company, and other cars. But I am hoping that a few of you want to WIN!

Thursday April 28 10 am - 6 pm
Friday April 29 10 am - 8 pm
Saturday April 30 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday May 1 10 am - till trophies which is after 4 pm

There is Nothing Stock About a Spec Miata.

Reading all about Miatas on the Internet and found this generation picture of Spec Miatas. Just a reminder that more Mazdas are raced every weekend than any other marque. Is Spring here yet?

Happy New Year!

Everyone please have a safe and Happy New Year. Personally, my 2015 was awesome. The Alaska Miata Club was filled with new Miatas, new members, new projects, and new events. For me, a new to me house and a job promotion. Movies were amazing with more superhero films, Mad Max Fury Road, and Star Wars Episode 7. I hope your year was a good one and if not, maybe the year of the Monkey will be better for you. Peace!